Thursday, January 10, 2008

On the road: Day Three

Today we made it all the way from Amarillo, TX, to Lonoke, AR. Lonoke is about twenty minutes or so east of Little Rock. My cell phone doesn't work very well here, and the phone book is about as thick as your average elementary school novel, but lodgings are much cheaper in these parts than they are in Little Rock.

The cat complained a lot more than usual today--almost four hours of pissed-off meowing. She finally settled down for a (thankfully very long) nap in the early afternoon. We determined that she was just frustrated with being in the car for so long. She's not the only one!

Odd sightings of the day:

1) The Northern Hemisphere's Largest Cross, or so the billboard would have one believe. It's in a field just east of Groom, TX. And indeed, it is humongous.

2) The Alanreed Jail. It's in the microscopic town of Alanreed, TX, at a perfectly respectable (though also microscopic) combination of a gas station, country store, and post office.

The only other customers at the gas pump were two guys about our age who were also on their way to western Massachusetts from California. Small world!

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Chip said...

I find myself wondering how many hungry people could be fed on the money it took to build that cross.