Friday, January 11, 2008

On the road: Day Four

Today we had a relatively short day of driving--eight hours as opposed to ten or ten and a half. We drove from Lonoke, AR, to Knoxville, TN. This particular stretch of I-40 is equally rich in churches and porn shops, as Mrs. Gerbil observes.

I didn't take any scenic pictures today. I did, however, capture some amazing truck graffiti:

(The world on time, indeed!)

Also we passed arguably the best-named town in the entire state of Tennessee:

(Yes, that does say "Bucksnort.")

America the Beautiful? Try America the Weird!


Lynne said...

Hee, say hi to Knoxville for us! Even if all the good food around that Hyoun would be able to recommend is uber-meat-tastic ...

Lea said...

You gals slay me. Hope you are in the Eastern time zone soon. It is pretty nice here.

Diana said...

I can't read what the FedEx truck says after ANUS!

Gerbil said...

Diana: does it really matter? ;)

(Actually, it says "ucker." I'm not sure why.)