Monday, November 05, 2007

Reason #458 why I'm not cut out to be a Californian

Books for Botox.

Because beauty may be only skin deep, but the satisfaction of knowing you got some free botulin toxin for your face in exchange for some kids' books lasts forever.


Lavender said...

I have yet to comprehend the allure of injecting a potentially lethal toxin into ones self. Yeah, you're wrinkles go away for a little while. But you also can't move the muscles where the wrinkles were... so instead of looking old and wrinkly, you get to look apathetic and non-responsive. How is this better?
Plus its a DEADLY NEUROTOXIN, just diluted down. WHY would anyone risk putting that in their body?!?!
*end medical student inspired people-scare-me rant*
Kudos to the beauty people for using it for a good cause at least.

Heather W. Reichgott said...

I'm not in med school.

But I know enough to know that botox is botulism.


That should be the end of it.

Lea said...

"We look forward to expanding the “Books for Botox” program each consecutive year and expanding our local school libraries, one book at a time."

They are really into expanding...guess it comes from stretching wrinkly skin.

Gerbil said...

For the record, there are a few legitimate (and non-cosmetic) medical uses for Botox. It apparently can improve motor function in young children with cerebral palsy.

But this would be awfully hard to incorporate into a book drive. ("Bring us books and we fund botox injections for preschoolers with disabilities"?)

Anonymous said...

Ok, that just tarnishes books for me. And that's hard to do. Damn, I guess I'll have to stay in MA where it's cold. Actually, not so cold this winter. I walked today without a sweatshirt or jacket. The joys of global warming. *rolls eyes* I'm shutting up because I'm about to ramble.