Friday, November 02, 2007


Lea requested some fun pregnancy posts every once in a while. Well, ask and ye shall receive!

I have always been a baker, especially when under stress. I'm not terribly stressed at the moment--the second trimester indeed is better than the first, though I still have some nausea--but I've had a resurgence of desire to Bake Stuff.

cupcake!First I decided to take up my mom's tradition of baking Halloween cupcakes. She has sent my dad to work with said cupcakes for several years now. So last weekend I whipped up three dozen adorable cupcakes for Mrs. Gerbil and her classmates. I hear they were very well-received.

Next I decided it was time to make persimmon pudding. Mrs. Gerbil had bought three persimmons without a specific use in mind for them. I am somewhat embarrassed to report that I haven't made the persimmon pudding yet. Anyone know how long persimmons will keep in the fridge?

And now I'm letting three dozen more cupcakes cool prior to icing them. We are having a little going-away party tomorrow for one of the supervisors. Natch, I volunteered to bring cupcakes.

Oddly enough, I've lost about 95% of my sweet tooth since becoming pregnant with the gerb. I don't even miss chocolate--it gives me heartburn these days. For whatever reason, all I want is salty stuff; and yet I go and bake 36 cupcakes on a whim.


Lavender said...

Better than the pickles and ice cream I've seen some people crave. What a strange combo...
And now I want cupcakes. Perhaps I should make some as well. :-)

Gerbil said...

Oh, I crave the pickles, all right. But then again, I craved pickles long before I got pregnant.

The weirdest thing with the baking is that it's not the product I crave, but the process. Perhaps I should take up crocheting or something.

Lea said...

Yay for fun pregnancy posts!

I would agree that you are nesting. If it has started this early, you may be knitting the lil gerb's entire wardrobe during your third trimester.

Your cupcake looks scrumptious!

Anonymous said...

when you move here can you make cheesecake cupcakes? -me