Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another fun pregnancy post: Things that make me happy

my slipper1. My new sock monkey slippers from Target. I prefer ballet slippers to scuffs, but my feet are starting to swell on account of the gerb; and so these (with their memory foam soles) are just plain awesome right now. For maximum sock-monkey-osity, I wear my sock monkey slippers with monkey socks.

2. Cocoa Creme Tums Smoothies. Okay, so I turned up my nose at vanilla chai deodorant. But since chocolate itself currently gives me heartburn (so tragic!), I think it's only fair that I have chocolate-flavored heartburn relief.

3. Seeing our little wiggler on ultrasound yesterday. It put on quite the show!


Lavender said...

The only thing more awesome than the uber comfortableness of memory foam *anythings* is the awesomeness of wiggly little bundles of joy. :-)
Also, I am sad for you that you cannot have chocolate!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to hear about the ultrasound! - me