Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Public transit story #7: Too sexy

I left work fairly early today, on account of a mid-afternoon dentist appointment. I'm not too fond of dental appointments--why has everything that's gone awry in my mouth been the direct result of previous work?--but at least the dentist is conveniently right by the train station on this end.

On the train was this young guy, probably in his early 20s or so. He was leaning up against the wall of the car, and he seemed to think he was having a conversation with some people across the aisle. The people across the aisle were not of the same opinion, for they were talking amongst themselves and not even looking at this guy.

"Don't you think I'm the sexiest man around?" he kept saying. "I am the sexiest man on the train. Don't you think I'm the sexiest man ever?"

The people across the aisle were not impressed.

After a few minutes he seemed to get frustrated by the lack of attention coming his way.

"I AM LEGENDARY!" he proclaimed. "I am so legendary! I am the sexiest man ever! I am legendary-sexy, sexy-legendary, the sexiest legendary man alive!"

I'm glad I was only on the train with this dude for one stop. This was all pretty funny at first, but those four minutes between stops were not so sexy.

But legendary? Absolutely.

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Kara said...

LOL, think maybe the guy might have been manic?