Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Spam Files 6: Paris Hilton

According to my spam folder, Paris Hilton has been very busy. Not only has she been getting it on with SpongeBob, but she's entertained various other luminaries:

from: First Gerendasne
subject: Corzine visits Paris Hilton

from: Corbin adfasfwe
subject: Scooter Libby heads for Twin Towers' Paris Hilton Suite

from: Garrison Lucaj
subject: Epidemic Breaks Out in Prisons After Paris Hilton's Release

from: Mason Pietrzak
subject: Paris Hilton Sold Her Soul to the Devil, admits it on Larry King

from: Mae aviles
subject: Paris Hilton Loses Vagina, Blames Dr Phil

and my personal favorite:

from: Mehrdad vulgamore
subject: Paris Hilton sells her special taco!

Satan and Dr. Phil can have their spoils. I want tacos, dammit.

i r a taco i r nootrishus and tasty

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