Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dutch treat

The English language has the reputation of being notoriously hard to learn, as it's chock full of words whose pronunciation doesn't match their spelling, bizarrely irregular verbs and plurals, and a subjunctive tense that not even native speakers understand.

Dutch, however, is just plain funny. At least, the English-speaking Mrs. Gerbil and I think so.

For example: did you know that "Monsterhouder" is Dutch for "specimen container"?

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Sonya L Volkhardt said...

This is unrelated to amusing Dutch (though that is amusing) - I couldn't find a way to comment on your Flickr account, and wanted to tell you what a really awesome picture you took of that spider. I've never seen a spider quite like that, and I photograph a lot of spiders. Impressive!

(Also, your offspring remains insanely adorable, and wore the dress I made her!! This made my day.)