Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fight the future

"ZOMG, the X-Files movie comes out tomorrow! We've got to go see it--tomorrow!"

"ZOMG, the X-Files movie comes out tomorrow! Oy, we'd need a babysitter... but Tovah's not taking a bottle regularly, and what if she doesn't behave herself, and what if we can't concentrate on the movie because we're worried about her, and... Oh well, guess we'll just wait till it comes out on DVD."


Heather said...

All I could think about was you when I saw the trailer!

Lavender said...

The upside would be, if you get it on DVD then baby can watch too! :-)

pjm said...

Maybe the Amherst cinema will pick it for their baby-friendly show(s)? (Does the Mall have those? Heck, does Tower?)

Butterfly said...

I've gone and done it and started my own blog. I was inspired by you. :)