Friday, April 11, 2008

On postpartum adjustment

The other day I tried on a few pairs of pre-preggo pants. I've been wearing regular tops since coming home from the hospital on Friday, but pants are of course another story. (Come to think of it, pants are pretty much always another story.)

I know that one loses a significant amount of weight in the first week or so after delivery, but I'm a little weirded out by the fact that, six days after giving birth to cuteness, I could again wear a pair of pants I purchased in the girls' department at JC Penney.

Oh, and here is cuteness at 1 week old:


fishylady said...

Thanks for blogging about the pregnancy thing. It is wonderful to read about how you are doing and that again another lesbian family is having a family. We can too!

frog said...

She's just STUNNING!

Carolina said...