Thursday, January 24, 2008

And the survey says...

First things first: We have phone service! The Verizon guy came this morning and had everything working in less than 10 minutes. Praise the Lord and pass the address book! Haven't heard from our case manager, though we did get a nice (albeit rather superfluous) phone call on our land line to inform us that our phone was now in service. Right-o. That only took two weeks...

And now for other things.

In the mail the other day we received a "Consumer Product Survey of America." I have no intention of filling this out, as doing so will only result in our being bombarded with junk mail. Even if I did not provide our address, I'm guessing that the serial number on the form is already associated with same. And besides, most of the questions don't pertain to our shopping habits anyway.

However, just for laughs I reviewed the survey thoroughly. I found that the "not applicable" field descriptions were priceless. For example:

hair loss: we do not have
bladder leakage: we do not have
and my personal favorite:

toothpaste: we do not use
This all kind of reminds me of lolcat syntax:


I couldn't have said it better myself.

1 comment:

Lavender said...

Hahahaha I did one of those once. They are quite amusing.
PS > LOLcats are teh awsome. :-)