Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Spam Files 3: Size matters

[warning: may be NSFW]

Why, all of a sudden, has my spam folder been deluged with penis spam?

Some of my favorite recent subject lines:

Is your small penis your only problem?
no, actually, that's not one of my problems at all

Your new penis is waiting for you!
I don't remember ordering one of those...

No doubt! Your bigger penis will make them jealous!
I'm speechless

Bigger penis won't be on TV but in your shorts!
God, I certainly hope not!

Well, I suppose I should be grateful that I'm no longer receiving spam with subjects along the lines of "My new boyfriend's [random synonym for penis] keeps slipping out."

ps to anyone who found this entry by Googling something about phallus size: Sorry, no penises here.


Lavender said...

All I get is reports trying to get me to buy into hopeless stocks. Spam people sure do have weird patterns.

jcat said...

haha.....and at the moment I'm being flooded with ads for the most realistic "personal pussy" a man could want! If it were possible to spam the spammers back, I'd deluge them with 'but does it taste right??' in return!

Word verification : SUCMA. How apt..